Culture is a key driver of the city. Culture brings people together, makes them more open and sensitive to the world. The cultural scene is an excellent meeting place that literally brings the community together. Our goal is to provide cultural opportunities for the urban micro-neighbourhood. Neighbourhood shared experience and related encounters strengthen THE CITY OF SMALL DISTANCES community: increasing the number of interactions and setting the stage for future joint collaborations.

Organising events and festivals

We organise and run cultural events and festivals. We bring self-organised cultural programmes and series of programmes to communities. 

Cultural, local and craft values

We organise and run fairs for products and services of cultural, local or handicraft value in a thematic area.

Community programmes

We organise and run community events, thereby broadening the range of community connections and providing a shared experience for community members.

Protection of built heritage

We place particular emphasis on the preservation of the built heritage in urban spaces, with targeted projects to raise awareness among citizens and decision-makers of the need to preserve the built heritage.

Culinary and gastronomic fairs

The flavours and recipes bring the community together and provide a shared experience for all members of the community. We connect community members through targeted programmes that celebrate flavours, recipes and culinary traditions.

Arts and culture projects

In addition to major festival-type events, we support the creation of artistic and cultural projects to contribute to the cultural life of the city.

Awareness-raising and information

We inform the community about cultural events and issues, promoting cultural recreation and community-building cultural programmes and opportunities.