our 15-minute city is the place from your home where you can walk, cycle, use some form of micro-mobility or walk + some other sustainable means of transport (including public transport) in roughly a quarter of an hour. Our aim is to make this area as large as possible for you and to make it as easily accessible and barrier-free as possible. We want as many basic services as possible to be located close to your home, and we want sustainable transport to be favoured as much as possible.

Easily accessible city

Your city is as far as you can get in 15 minutes. We're creating a city that's convenient and as permeable as possible. We identify targeted problems and challenges, and seek partners to help us deliver better solutions.

Handing over public space to communities

Traffic reduction and helping to price the real costs of parking to democratise the use of public space. We are involved in socialisation projects to raise awareness of the benefits of a fairer distribution of public space.  

Creating a liveable urban environment

We carry out projects to create an attractive, liveable and clean urban environment. 

Urban development and urban events

Independently and in collaboration with other organisations, we organise urbanism and urban development events and panel discussions to bring current urban challenges to community members and work with stakeholders to find solutions.

Sustainable transport

We encourage a walking and cycling-friendly city, micromobility and the use of public transport. Issues related to the use of community bike and car sharing services will be addressed. We are working to create a 21st century urban sustainable transport mix by raising awareness and engaging with citizens and decision-makers.

Neighbourhood services

Facilitáljuk a környékeden a hiányzó szolgálatások megtelepedését. Célunk, hogy minél több, magas színvonalú, széles igényeket lefedő szolgáltató telepedjen meg minden „15 perces városban”. 

Introducing urban innovations

Familiarising city dwellers with the technical advances that technology brings. To promote the integration of these innovative solutions into everyday life.