Your city is only happy if its people are happy. Urban poverty and social problems lead to unacceptable living conditions, and being in extreme poverty or on the margins of society can leave its mark on the whole community. We help those in need through targeted programmes to improve the living conditions of those who are less well off and to make them feel that society is in solidarity with them. SOLIDARITY CITY projects involve the whole community to break down social taboos and create opportunities for social divisions to meet and dialogue.

Gift pack for children

Child poverty is a major social phenomenon. We want to make the sad reality of this sad reality a reality for children in need. We are trying to support them and their families with targeted gift-giving campaigns so that the holidays are not about deprivation.

Support for elderly people

Targeted support for older people through projects that seek to counteract age-related loneliness and various forms of deprivation.

Support for people with disabilities

We aim to provide targeted support for people with some kind of disability, and organise activities to this end.

Community cooking and food sharing

We organise community cookouts directly by the Foundation or in partnership with others to support a noble cause or a specific target group. We initiate and run food distribution campaigns.

Children's access to culture

Being able to go out / participate in cultural and leisure events is key to children's development. We are specifically looking for ways to provide children in need with such opportunities free of charge.

Support for people in social difficulty

We work on target projects to help people in socially difficult situations with cash or non-cash benefits.

Fundraising activities

We initiate and run thematic charity fundraising campaigns to support a noble cause or a specific person or target group.

Awareness-raising and sensitisation programmes

We organise awareness-raising and sensitisation programmes to strengthen social solidarity towards the less fortunate members of the community and to encourage more and more people to help their fellow human beings.